A Place for 18th Century Authors and Readers to Interact

I’ve been searching high and low for a good place for 18th century American fiction authors and readers to interact. I mean really interact, discussing details about the 18th century that bring our stories to life. Things like “how did one go to the bathroom aboard ship?” or “What did women use before hairspray was invented?” You know, the really important details!

So far, I’ve been pretty disappointed with most of the forums. LinkedIn has come the closest for me, but the authors groups tended to be focused on working out author angst or promoting new works. The history groups were good, but I’m sure they occasionally wondered what a romance novelist was doing participating in their serious discussions.

Goodreads has some good groups too, but nothing really honed in on the time period.

So, I set up my own groups.

If you’re an enthusiast (reader or author) please consider joining one or both of these groups

GoodreadsColonial, Revolutionary and Early American Fiction Readers and Authors. (This is purposefully very close to the same name as one of the book lists!)

I’m not really that into rules as much as I'm into common sense, so you’ll notice I didn’t get too specific on these groups. Authors, I think it’s appropriate to announce new releases, giveaways etc. I just ask that you not get too spammy, and try to have a two-way conversation every once in awhile. Readers, be kind to the authors, we’re a sensitive bunch, but let us know how we can make these groups more enjoyable for you.

I’m really looking forward to interacting with my fellow 18th century enthusiasts!



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