Stocking Stuffer for a Patriotic Wife or Girlfriend

I don’t write posts every often that are purely promotional... Let’s just say I’m trying to help all those guys out there who are looking for a good stocking stuffer for a wife or girlfriend.

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I imagine a lot of patriotic women might prefer ruby, diamond and sapphire jewelry (red, white, and blue), but let’s say you got that covered. Or perhaps your significant other is like me, and not really into the whole jewelry thing. Call me unromantic, but my husband and I bought $100 wedding bands when we were first married because the idea of going around with a house payment on my finger just didn’t sit well. But I digress...

Regardless of how much you spend on her main gift, a thoughtful stocking stuffer might be a nice touch this year. If your significant other like romance novels and American History, might I recommend Le Chevalier?

If you’ve read my other blog posts, you’ve figured out by now that I am enamored with this country’s founding and have great respect for our forefathers. Le Chevalier takes place in Philadelphia just before British occupation, and was written partly in tribute to the contribution of the French in our war for independence, but mostly because I love a good romance.  

This is an old-fashioned romance, where the characters actually have character. I say that not to disparage those who enjoy romances of a different sort, but those of us who are a little more traditional can easily get turned off by a lot of what’s on the market. My female leads, like Alexandra in Le Chevalier, are strong women, but they also develop a deep love and profound respect for the men in their lives. Not always right away, but eventually! And the heroes in my stories are deserving of their devotion.

Please note: My novels are rated as "spicy" which means they do contain explicit situations of an adult nature. They are not, however, erotica, where the emphasis is on the physical relationship.

You can buy Le Chevalier in either paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon and in Nook format on It’s also available in ebook or paperback format from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me, or leave your question in the comments below. I'd love to answer them!


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