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Phew! Caution to the Wind is back in the editor's hands. It took me a couple months to make this latest round of edits. I don't think my editor thought it should take that long, but I have a hard time being satisfied. The good news is, I think these edits really improved the book. (Cross your fingers that my editor thinks so too!)

With another book coming out, I've decided I really need to create my own website. As I wrote recently in Blogging Q&A, a blog really helps get the name out there, but there's something about a webpage that adds legitimacy, don't you think?

This afternoon, I've been doing some digging to see what other authors have done. There is some good stuff, but a lot of klunky sites too. To me, most of the pages look too cluttered, as though I stumbled across the writer's desk, not their main marketing brochure. I have yet to find a really clean looking website, with the best content above the fold*, that appeals to my dominate left brain.

I'd love to hear what you think. Maybe you have a website you worked really hard on and would like to share it with others. Or perhaps you have a favorite author whose site you visit often. Share it with us by adding your comments below!


* Above the fold is an old newspaper term that refers to the content above the actual fold in the newspaper. This is where you put the most important stories - or at least the stuff that sells papers. In website speak, above the fold refers to content that can be seen without having to scroll down.

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