Revolutionary timeline

I'm just about finished with the first draft of my next novel. It's set in Rhode Island in the early 1760s where the seeds of revolution are already taking hold. Now comes the hard part - as I go through my next draft, I'll do a lot of fact checking, making sure all the incidents I mention in the book actually took place when I think they did.

For me, creating a timeline really helps. I thought I'd share my revolutionary timeline for those of you who might be as interested in the period as I am. Feel free to add your comments and color commentary. And sorry for the small type and the gap between the two halves of the timeline. I may take the time to redo this later, but I really want to focus my effort on getting this book done!

BTW, blue boxes are for acts of Parliament and/or the Crown. Green are the Americans' response. Red are dates when certain Acts are repealed. Someone is bound to note that I don't have the Boston Massacre on here, but my focus was on the Acts governing imports and exports since smuggling provides a significant backdrop to my story.

If you see something missing you think is worth mentioning, please add it in the comments!

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