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American Historical Romance Author
Leanne Tyler
Award-winning author Leanne Tyler lives in the South and her writing reflects her heritage. She writes Sweet and somewhat Sensual Southern romances, whether historical or contemporary. Leanne’s debut release Victory’s Gate was the 2007 American Rose winner of the Through the Garden Gate contest and was released electronically by The Wild Rose Press in December 2007. Finally in December 2009 the Through the Garden Gate Anthology became available in print and includes the four winning entries.

Stepping into the Contemporary circle, she debuted with her Class of ’85 Reunion story It’s Always Been You in August 2011. And her first full-length historical novel Season of Love (Nov. 2011) is a time-travel set in 1850 Charleston, SC. A recent release from Books to Go Now, A Country Kitchen Christmas (Feb. 2012) is a light inspirational romance. In May and August 2012 the first two books of The Good Luck Series were released from Amazon: The Good Luck Charm and The Good Luck Spell. Ava, a short story in the Love Letters Series, was released in November 2012 and the audio version in March 2013. In January 2013, Because of Rebecca was released through Amazon’s Kindle Select Program and will be available through all venues beginning May 17, 2013.

Leanne invites readers to step into her world and enjoy the passion.

Welcome, Leanne!

Start out by telling us about the time period and setting for your novels.

Currently my historical novels are set in pre-civil war America anywhere from 1830s to 1860. I also tend to set my stories in Charleston, SC, but have ventured as far west as Jackson, MS and as far north as Washington, DC.

What appeals to you about the pre-Civil War period?

I have always liked this time period. The fashions, the large parties and barbeques, the genteel or gallant behavior of people that are portrayed in mini-series like John Jakes North and South, or The Blue and the Gray and the all-time classic Gone with the Wind. 

Because of Rebecca
If you had the opportunity to visit this time period, what do you think you’d like best? What would you like least?

The large plantation houses, the large families, pretty dresses, witnessing first hand history in the making.

I’d like least the lack of modern conveniences that I’m so accustomed to having like indoor plumbing and air conditioning in the summer or heat for the winter. I also wouldn’t like the freedoms modern women have as opposed to the way of life back then.

Have you ever used real people from history as main or secondary characters, or are all of your characters fictional?

My characters are all fiction, though I do try to pull historical facts into the plot to make the story feel more real.

Season of Love
How much time do you spend researching each book?

This varies depending on the setting and my knowledge of the area.

Do you tend to research before you write, or more as you write?

This varies from book to book. Since I have used Charleston, SC as my setting for several stories I don’t have to do much research anymore. I spend most of my time looking at photos of the dresses, looking up etymology and checking facts.

Any favorite sources for information?

The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: The Carolinas and The Appalachian States
Victory's Gate
The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: Virginia and the Capital Region
Everyday Life in the 1800s
Everyday Life in the Civil War

Do you read other authors who write in this time period? if so, who?

I like Elizabeth Boyle, Eloisa James, Karen Hawkins, Julia Quinn, Donna MacMeans

Do you read romance set outside your time period or books from other genres?

I tend to read sweet contemporary romances as well as young adult romances. I also enjoy a good paranormal from time to time.

If readers want to learn more, how can they reach out to you?

Twitter: @LeanneTyler

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