Great Lecture Series on Classical Mythology

One of the things I regret - when I decide to go as far as actually having regrets, which isn’t often – is that I didn’t have a more “classical” education. I started out as an engineer and finished my degree in business. Long story there, but perhaps one for another time.

I decided it was high time to add “classical literature” (or at least the cliff notes version) to the history books and romance novels on my virtual bookshelf. For some reason, or maybe none at all, I decided to start with classical mythology and downloaded a lecture of the same name from audible.

I enjoyed it immensely!
Classical Mythology
The Great Courses: Western Literature

First of all, I am not much of a new ager, so I always approach lectures like these with a little bit of skepticism. I assume the professor is going to come up with some sort of interpretation that supports his or her modern agenda.

Without going too far down a political rat hole, let me say that it was exactly the opposite with Professor Vandiver. In fact, she went out of her way to explain that Xena, Warrior Princess in no way resembles what the Greeks actually thought of as the model for female behavior. And, as sweet as Kevin Sorbo may be, the “real” Hercules wasn’t so benevolent.

Nor did she espouse or disparage any modern religious beliefs, much to my relief. Clearly, however, she was very familiar with most the majors: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. She often used them as examples to explain the difference between a religion and mythology.

Spoiler Alert (Is there such a thing for an educational lecture?) 
I held my breath when she got to the last lecture when she promised to share that which she believes is our modern version of mythology. It turned out to be the belief in UFOs. That may not seem very plausible on the surface, but, in my opinion, she makes an excellent case. (Although I still can’t possibly believe the universe is infinite and we’re the only ones in it.)

Anyway, I added the entire Great Courses: Western Literature Series to my wish list on Audible. Let’s just hope I can still find time to write!

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