Review: A Bride Most Begrudging

This really was a lovely story. Normally, I take notes about what I'll say in my reviews as I read, but I was so engrossed I completely forgot to do that. In fact, I sacrificed some sleep and a little of my own writing time just so I could finish the story over the weekend.

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First, let me comment on the history. 16th century Colonial America is not a time-period I'm strong in, but it seemed well researched and authentic. The dialogue was period-specific enough to sound genuine without being so stiff — as 16th century speaking probably would be — that I couldn't relate to the characters. I also love it when authors give a little of the history at the end of their book. I definitely learned some things while being entertained.

Despite this being Christian romance and a clean read, it definitely sizzled. The romance between the characters was heart-felt and genuine, and pretty darn sexy even though the author "shut the door" on the actual activity. I actually didn't even realize the door had been shut until a couple chapters later when I found myself realizing I hadn't been forced into the sometimes uncomfortable role of voyeur.

The only real mark I have against this story is the editing. There were numerous places, especially toward the middle of the story where dialogue from two different characters was included in the same paragraph. Several times, I had to stop and sort out who was saying what. Normally, editing issues bother me a great deal, but because the story was so good, I managed to overlook it. 

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