Read My Review: The Duke Can Go to the Devil

Genre: Historical Romance
Subgenre: Regency
Heat Level: Sweet to Sensual (A fair amount of kissing.)

This review has also been posted on Amazon and GoodReads. And, for the record, I am not an official book reviewer (just a fan and fellow author) so I buy the books I review just like most people. I also read more than I review, but if I can't give a historical romance at least a four star, I don't bother writing a review. 

In my continued quest to find clean historical romance writers (good ones are hard to find!) I picked up another book in Erin Knightley's Prelude to a Kiss series. I'll definitely be adding Ms. Knightley to my list of TBR authors.

The Duke Can Go to the Devil
Heroine - Adorable. Although, truth be told, I liked Sophie from The Earl I Adore slightly better. That said, May's character was wonderful. She was as sharp and spunky a heroine as you will find in a historical romance, and those looking for strong female leads will absolutely love her.

Hero - Also very lovable. Came across as more multi-dimensional than Evan in The Earl I Adore - although he wasn't bad! The duke's motivations for acting like a pompous ass were believable, and his motivations for overcoming those attitudes were also believable.

Plot - It's a Regency romance so naturally, it's all about the romance, and that positively sizzles. Ms. Knightley did mention Napoleon once so that helped ground it in time. Personally, I love having more history, not just period-specific social mores, to help me get my bearings, but I suspect most Regency readers would rather focus on the social/romance elements.

If I were to come up with any negatives, it is that the dialogue does have a slightly modern feel. So do some of the situations. If you love romance for the romance, it's not so obtrusive that it will get in the way of your enjoyment. If you're a stickler for the time period, you'd be better off reading Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time.

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