Review: The Yielding

I'm turning over a new leaf. From now on, I am going to try to write my reviews before I start in on the next book! Of course, Ms. Leigh writes such fun stories, she makes that kind of difficult.

All in all, I thought this was another great read. Unlike some of the other review,
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I thought the hero was very likable. Yes, his swearing was tiresome, but that was the point. It got to the heroine, too. If there was one thing I might have changed, it would be to play up his role as a physician. Despite the numerous wounds he healed throughout the course of the story, he still came across as more of a warrior to me. Then again, I like the studious type, and maybe fans of medieval romance don't go for that so much.

I also liked the heroine quite a bit. It was fun to see a woman guided by a sense of honor. Although it was faith-based, Beatrix was reminiscent of the best heroes of the genre. Her cunning when she was trying to evade the hero was admirable.

I think some may find The Yielding not as clean as one might except from a Christian Romance. There was one "don't try this at home scene" where she falls asleep in his bed and he's the one to say "no." Actually, there were a couple of times when, had this been any other romance, there probably would have been a love scene. It did not go that far, obviously, but it made the heroine feel a little weaker to me than I would have expected. For a woman driven by scripture and a would-be nun, the "this is all I will ever get" defense doesn't hold water.

Finally, the story does start off a little slow. The pace is fast enough, but there isn't much interaction between the heroine and the hero for the first couple of chapters. Those who expect boy to meet girl in the first six pages might have to show a little patience, but it will be worth it.

I am very much looking forward to book 3 in the Age of Faith series as it features an imperfect heroine (plain and tall with a past of some sort) and a more studious hero (a former monk of all things!)—I can't wait!

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