Excerpt from Le Chevalier

As an author, I should probably post more about my novels, but I love the history so much that I tend to forget I have something to sell. Here's an excerpt from Le Chevalier.

Le Chevalier
“Do you love all of these women?” Alex asked. She didn’t care for the wistful tone in her voice, nor for the tears she had to blink back. 

It took a moment for Mont Trignon to respond. “I can assure you I love each and every one of them, and they love me. Does that surprise you?” he said, with a gentleness more characteristic of the man she had yet to know much about.  

“No, actually, it doesn’t.” As his gaze searched her face, she had no desire to speak anything but the truth. “It just surprises me that you would court so many women at once.”  

A wicked grin touched his lips. “Oh, I am not courting them.”  

Alex tried to back away when he took another step forward, but with her backside already up against the wall, she had nowhere to go.  

“No, of course not,” she said, glad the darkness of the night covered the heat rising in her cheeks. “I understand that marriage is not always the goal.”  

“It is not?” He held his body so close that Alex could feel the heat emanating from him even through her cloak.  

“No, it isn’t,” she whispered, her gaze settling on his lips.

“Then what is the goal, ma bichette?” Moonlight caught his hazel eyes, turning them to burnished gold.

 She could not voice aloud the response the intensity of his gaze brought to mind.

 “Passion.” She grimaced. Apparently, she could voice her thoughts aloud. She squirmed with embarrassment as a slow smile crept to his lips.

“Not love?” he asked, his voice rumbling deep within his chest as he lowered his face.

“That would be nice too,” she managed to say, just before his lips took hers.

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