My Twitter Holiday

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been absent from Twitter for the last few months. OK, I seriously doubt anybody has noticed. I feel sorry for people who actually believe their followers are hanging on every their every word. These folks need to get a life.

As for my absence, it’s not that I decided to get a life. It’s just that the life I have suddenly got very full. I finished my third novel and went through the long process of final edits with my publisher. I wish I could be like some of my writing friends who can turn their edits around in a weekend. My internal editor gets suddenly very picky about comma placement and word choice. I wish she’d just shut up.

My business got extremely hectic. It never seems to fail. The more I find to focus on outside of work, the more demanding work becomes. Suddenly all of my clients wanted me involved in special projects that needed to be done yesterday. I’m not complaining. These special people in my life send me checks on a regular basis.

I was very involved in the last election. Some of the candidates I worked for won. Others lost. It’s not important who they are. Let’s just say that I’m not concerned about the low turnout. If you don’t know what you’re voting for, it’s fine with me if you stay home. I’m more concerned about the millions of concerned citizens who do nothing but vote. I don’t recall who said it, but politics is not a spectator sport.

I am also in the process of turning my life over to Christ. Yes, I said process. I envy those for whom this is an event. For me, I have to renew my commitment every day. Some days are easier than others. You know, I just realized that the devil sounds a lot like my internal editor.

Anyway, I’m back. At least I hope I am. As soon as I say that, all heck could break loose. I am writing a 4th novel that is going really well. It may be time for another Twitter holiday soon.

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