A new direction

This morning, in church, I decided to change the subtitle of my blog. It was a good sermon, but the pastor said something on which I had a fairly strong opinion. Nothing unusual there. I have fairly strong opinion on lots of things.

This isn't my church, but I think these little North
Dakota country churches are so pretty. This
particular one is in St. Benedict, ND. I've been in
this state for 15+ years, and I'm not even sure
where that is. For more info on the image, see
But while I was listening - and I really was - I started thinking about where I could express my opinion. Twitter? Nope. Not enough characters. Facebook? My friends and family probably don't care about my musings, theological or otherwise. (To clarify, my husband does, but I don't need Facebook to communicate with him!) My blog? No, that's mostly about my romance novels and the history behind them.

Whoah! Back up a second...

In my day job as a marketing consultant, I tell my clients to stick to the theme of their blog when posting. They need to provide value to their readers that is centered around their particular area of expertise. I guess I should also tell them, "Do as I say, not as I do."

In my defense, I'm not building my reputation nor my living on the books I write. I write them because they are my passion. I blog, not to sell books, but to connect with people who like to think and exchange ideas. Although the exchange is a little one-sided at this point, I have hope.

Therefore, I have changed the subtitle of my blog from "Romance that celebrates the American heritage" to "Here's what I think..." Yes, I will still blog about the novels I write. To date, they are all set between the Spanish-American War and the early 1800s. That also means I will continue to share my thoughts on American History, a topic for which I have as much passion as I do for my writing.

But don't be surprised if my posts going forward take a decidedly more personal turn. You'll have to let me know what you think.


P.S. If you're wondering what opinion I formulated this morning in church, I'm afraid I can't remember. I guess I should have written it down.

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