Looking for a Resource on the Black Robe Regiment

I need help from some of you history buffs. I want to include a preacher from among the "Black Robe Regiment" in one of my upcoming novels. But, first, I want to learn a little more about how they viewed the revolution and their role. It's the only way I can do a convincing job of capturing their world and minimize any inadvertent rewriting of history.

Unfortunately, the only resources I can find fall into one of three categories:

- They have a none-too-subtle focus on today's politics. Not that I'm not interested, but for my research, I read something from a historian rather than a commentator.
- They only mention the role preachers played in passing, e.g. the hundreds of books that focus on the founding fathers as though the Revolution was fought and won by roughly 50 men. Given the nature of the populace at the time, I don't think the Revolution would have happened without the preachers.
- They are simply a collection of sermons without any commentary to help me put them in context.

Thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone has any suggestions. Books. Videos. Blog posts. I'd be happy with just about any format so long as the content is pithy and relevant.



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