Which is More Important: The History or the Romance

I participated in #MockPit earlier today. Had a blast! I've never done one of these before but it was great to see how other authors pitch their manuscripts in 140 characters or less and to read everyone's observations.

Willing Love
Here's my pitch for WillingLove.

Prudence has 3 months to find a husband or she loses the family business. Is the stable master willing? #HistRom #MockPit

Normally, I would include a link at the very least, but the point of this exercise seemed to be the fit as much of the plot as you could into 140 characters.

Kyra @kyramnelson suggested historical fiction pitches should include something about the time period. I'll bet she's spot on for historical fiction, but I'm not so sure anymore about pitches to readers of historical romance. My assumption is that while most romance readers have historical periods they prefer, and perhaps even a few they detest, the romance takes precedence.

I used to use the hash tag #AmRev a lot more than I do now, but then decided I was probably turning off all of the romance readers who have a natural preference for Highland Lairds and English Dukes. I'd rather have a potential reader who's interested in the plot line click on the link, read the blurb, and then decide whether the time period makes a difference.

How about you? How much of a factor is time period when selecting your next read?

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