15 Beta Readers Needed

I am about two months away from having my fifth novel ready for beta readers. You can fill out the form at the right if you're interested. I'm looking for 15 avid romance readers who are fans of the historical genre.

Here's a little more details about the process as well as the piece so you can decide if being a beta reader is right for you.

Working Title: The Kiss of a Stranger.

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: Approx. 60,000 words

Expected completion date: May/June 2016

Heat Level: Clean, but as the name implies there is definitely kissing. (This is my first foray into clean romance so would really like to have a few beta readers who are old hands with that genre.)

Setting: Pre-Revolutionary War. Colonial Wilmington, DE.

Background: The story is about the romance between two people who, while practically neighbors, could not come from more different worlds. She is from a leading loyalist family but has a soft spot for the cause. He is a reluctant rebel who desires peace above all else. When someone decides to make an example of her, he becomes her unwitting protector as they work together to expose the real culprits.

What I am NOT looking for: Although I will have gone through the manuscript dozes of times, it will not have gone through final proofing stages, so I expect there will be typos here and there. However, I'm not looking for proofers. I have a guy who is a genius at commas, grammar, etc., who takes over at the pre-production stage.

What I am looking for: Generally, I want to know if the story engages you. Here are a few examples of what I mean:
— Did the first chapter make you want to keep reading?
— Despite being a clean romance, was there sizzle/chemistry between the hero and the heroine?
— Were the characters likable?
— Did you find secondary characters engaging? (Some of these characters may show up in future novels.)
— Were there times when the characters' motivations were unclear or they seemed to be acting out of character?
— Were there places where the story sagged?
— Did the ending leave you satisfied?

Clearly, you do not have to answer all of these questions. Even one or two would be helpful. And, even if you volunteer to be a beta reader, you are under no obligation to submit anything. I know what it's like to want to do something, but then never find the time to do it!

Again, to sign up, fill out the form at the right and note in the comment field that you would like to be a beta reader. (I have 2 forms on this page and the blogger widget does not separate responses.) If you would like to receive only a first chapter to see if the story is right for you, just make a note of that in the comments, too.



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  1. Yikes! I've had two people in the last couple of days tell me on GoodReads that they requested to be a beta reader on my blog, but I'm not seeing those requests. If you're interested, perhaps the best way to let me know is to send me an email at mj@maryjeanadams.com.